The Role of Women In Today’s Society

We all have grown up in a society where we went to school, had the influence of our parents in our lives and had peer pressure as well.  But, have you ever thought about the role that women play in the present Society?  We are all different, energetic and unique beings coming with different backgrounds, from different families, sounding different acting different and looking different.  So, why are women always judged on the role that they play in the society?

How has the role of women changed in the present Society?

The role of the present era woman completely differs from the role that her great-grandmother or grandmother played in the society during their times. One of the most significant difference is that modern women of the society are expected to work and make a living for their families where is the predecessors were not expected to do so.

Once they were married, the predecessors simply needed to stay at home. Run the household and take care of the family.  The problem with the role of woman in the modern society is that the woman still have to play the role of a housewife while earning a living for the family at the same time. This has made the role of woman difficult in the present society.


In the present modern society, there are many women who are single parents compounding further to the responsibilities of their role. There are different roles filled in by today’s modern women and these include the role of a mother, partner, financial planner, sister, daughter, money earner, housekeeper, nurse, dietitian, teacher, driver and psychologist. Read more at

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