How Had Religion Served Mankind?

With the world getting closer, there seems to be an issue with the religions of the world. It is time to close down world’s religions. There is hypocrisy to a great extent in all religions showing complete breakdown of the mental capacity of mankind. The news in the present times comprises generally have hate crimes among Muslims, Christians, and Hindus throughout the world. There are several crap statements being given regarding Holy books, religion and spiritualism. Religions have been made by man and they are meant for usefulness of mankind. However, if the religions of the world start destroying mankind, there are of no use.

The true meaning of religion

Religion is something that is difficult to understand, especially for the ones who have their heads or brains filled with nothing but hatred and disregard for each other. These are people who do not have the ability of comprehending the real meaning of religion. Religion is not about “this is your God and this is my God”. But it is about controlling Mankind and nothing else. Religion is about the faith and the belief that an individual has in his or her God. Religion does not separate people, but it is meant to bring people together through a single medium. Read more at

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